Accident car breakdown recovery services and how to choose them

At times, life gives you a blow and you find it difficult to choose between fleeing and fighting. One of the most difficult as well as embarrassing situations for any vehicle owner is the sudden breakdown of his vehicle, without any previous warning. Just a few days back, I saw an aged couple push their car down the motorway, on account of unexpected automotive breakdown. With this incident in mind, I decided to write about some of the most common reasons behind vehicle setbacks. With proper precautionary steps, you make sure that your car is fit and efficient right through the year.

Sudden car breakdown – The basic reasons


One of the most common reasons behind automotive setback is battery related issues. Here are a few important reasons car battery failure:

Leaving the radio, air conditioner, headlights, and interior lights on even when you are not running the vehicle. Not charging the battery on time. Improper battery maintenance and terminal cleaning. Not checking the alternator on time. Timely replacement of the battery.


Over-inflated and under-inflated tyres are the second-most important reason behind sudden car setback. Here are a few important things that you must consider helping prevent a sudden crash.

Check your tyre pressure at regular time intervals; always consult the owner’s manual and find out the exact pressure level. Depending upon your carload and driving speed, adjust the tyre pressure. Test the wheel alignment at fixed time intervals and hire a mechanic to do so. Keep an extra jack and tyre in your car. However, make sure that the tyre is in good and roadworthy condition. That way, you can use this spare equipment during times of emergency.

Bring your vehicle back into form – A brief guide

A sudden car breakdown or road calamity is an inconvenient and dangerous situation. Whether your vehicle is old or new, engine failure or other automotive setbacks can bring your life to a halt. From hitting the recent movie halls to consulting a doctor during emergency, you need automobiles for several reasons. Without them, your life becomes difficult and challenging. However, it is especially important to keep calm and take the necessary steps. Here are just a few of them.

Do not panic and keep your brain calm. Now, call your favourite Edinburgh towing company – Lothian Towing services and ask them to deliver mobile car breakdown recovery. In case you do not have a mobile phone with you, go to a phone booth and call your nearest friend. If you have the name of Lothian Towing Services, call them right away.