Choosing roadside assistance cover

What type of motor breakdown cover should you get: vehicle or personal? It really depends on your own situation, but getting the right cover is imperative if you want to make sure you are properly protected. With vehicle breakdown insurance, this particular type of vehicle cover applies to the vehicle itself; that means if you are a named driver of that vehicle, you will be covered if it breaks down when you’re driving it. Personal cover, by contrast, covers a person. So, if you take a personal cover policy out, you are going to be covered no matter what vehicle you are driving. What does that mean? That means if you only drive one vehicle, vehicle cover is probably for you. However, if you drive more than one vehicle, personal cover is your best bet.

What Cover Level Should You Choose?

There are a variety of cover levels available when you choose breakdown recovery. Most of the companies that offer this type of cover use different names for their different levels of insurance, but they will all sound something like the following. Roadside assistance, for example, gives your assistance if you breakdown on the road away from home. Home motor recovery includes roadside assistance as well but will also provide service if you have a problem with your vehicle at home. Onward destination cover is offered with some plans, which means that you are provided transportation if your current car is not drivable, must be repaired, and cannot be fixed at the side of the road. Lastly, comprehensive breakdown cover offers all the above features and several more as well.

How Much Does Breakdown Insurance Cost?

It is probably quite important to you that you know how much your breakdown policy is going to cost. The more expensive cover plans will cost you more, of course, but these will be valuable to you if the extra services provided are important to you. So do some comparison shopping for the level of breakdown cover you want between various companies; this will give you the best idea as to the company that can provide you with the cover you want for the best price possible.

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