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Flatbed Towing is an essential tool when it comes to getting your car home safely. At least all the towing companies in Lothian who believe in doing the best job possible for the customer! Whether it’s motorway towing or just a tow, Lothian Towing Services will make it a fast, efficient, and affordable ride. When you’re looking for assistance, you probably worry about what could possibly happen to it if something goes wrong. Well stop worrying, when one of our tow truck drivers, who has been trained rigorously, shows up by your side in a flatbed or wheel-lift we promise, you’ll get home safe without any extra damages or tow truck nightmares.

The safest kind of towing we do is usually on a flatbed tow truck. These trucks provide an elite towing experience, keeping your car off of the ground and properly strapped to an aluminum bed. The truck towing capacity of these flatbeds can support anything up to nearly 5,500 lbs. Giving our flat bed towing truck the ability to move nearly any common vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, heavy duty and medium duty towing aren’t this truck’s specialty, but we’ve got plenty of other trucks to get the bigger jobs done. We’re the best flat bed tow company that Lothian has to offer.

Being Lothian Towing Services, we have to deal with a ton of jobs and beat up cars due to high amounts of traffic. If you get your car towed, we are not responsible. The police department should be able to track down your car. Also, many other towing companies that are all about towing as ourselves, have already been determined to cover certain areas.

CALL NOW – 0131 5103758

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As well as flatbed tow trucks in Lothian, we offer numerous roadside assistance with our towing service vehicles. Find more information on our services page.

​Our cheap towing prices will have you jumping for joy. We don’t refuse to tell you what you’re going to pay on the phone, you’ll have the exact number up front.