Fuel Economy Tips

An invaluable fuel economy tip that you can really use to boost your performance, value and gas mileage in general is to pay close attention to not only your vehicle, fuel, maintenance, tyres etc., but also to how YOU DRIVE ! Yes, that is right, the synergy between all these elements, including YOU THE DRIVER influences the process and outcome we refer to as fuel efficiency. 

One such valuable fuel economy tip has to do with your personal driving style and habit. Are you defensive or offensive, aggressive, or conservative as a driver ? How fuel efficient do you think you are as a driver ? How does what you do when you slide in and act behind the wheel of your car, affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle ?

Fuel economy tip # 1: Consider that your very own driving habits can help, hinder, or hurt you when it comes to fuel efficiency and even end up costing you money !

These ‘bad’ and aggressive driving styles and habits are often referred to as attributing to lowering gas mileage by up to 33% at highway speeds and by 5% around town ! That could seriously hurt your fuel expenditure in the short, medium, and long term.

Fuel economy tip # 2: Make it a top and personal priority to change and lead by example. Heighten your own awareness and that of others around you by actively tracking your fuel economy. The simple act of doing so, will help you to save money and be more conscious and informed about the choices that you make every day.

Fuel economy tip # 3: Make it a top choice to PERSONALLY and PRO-ACTIVELY reduce gasoline consumption progressively each day, week, month, year. Plan your trips better and do most of your errands in one trip as opposed to hopping in the car every time you have to go somewhere.

Fuel economy tip # 4: Travel less and more effectively, making every trip, mile, and gallon count! Use all the tools at your disposal for navigation and safe driving, like maps, GPS confirming where you are going before getting into the car and driving off.

Fuel economy tip # 5: BE SMART about your drive, commute, and roads you travel. Make good choices that will help you avoiding construction, traffic jams, congestion and accidents scenes that can all help you make each gallon in your tank and dollar from your pocket go further.  In addition, ensure that you remove most if not all the excess weight that you drive around with you and you will end up using lots less fuel. 

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