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Heavy Duty Towing in Lothian

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Lothian Towing Services provides the area with professional heavy duty towing for semi trucks, SUVs, trailers, boats and other heavy equipment. Safety, professionalism and integrity are the focus of our company and we enjoy servicing our local community. If you’ve been in an accident, your truck has broken down, or you are in another emergency situation, call us today and ensure you’re in the right hands. Lothian Towing Services 0131 5103758. Find us as your #1 big rig towing specialist.

CALL NOW – 0131 5103758

Lothian Towing Services is equipped with a fleet of heavy duty tow trucks as well as medium duty trucks designed especially for hauling and towing large trucks and equipment.  Work with a group of expertly trained technicians  prepared to handle the most demanding of jobs. From emergency RV towing, bus towing, semi-tractor trailer towing, and heavy equipment towing, Or in the case you’re moving something more peculiar, like large water craft / boat towing, shipping containers, grading equipment, fork lift transportation and more.

Our professional dispatchers help determine the best combination of tow trucks and equipment needed to handle your job effectively and efficiently.

Our fleet of medium duty tow trucks can carry loads ranging from 10,000 to 26,000 pounds.  For any loads exceeding 26,000 pounds, we use our heavy duty towing assets.

We employ a variety of equipment for the job, including: winches, bobtails, rotators, low boys and more. Allow our experienced operators to transfer your load at a fair cost, on time, and with a keen eye for safety and professionalism.

SUV Towing / Motor Home Towing– As fellow residents of Lothian, we know there can be a consistent flow of tourism and travel from caravans and other Recreational Vehicles. We welcome you! However, as the droves of camper vans roll through the area, having a breakdown or the need for a tow truck is only inevitable. We handle all caravan/campervan breakdowns.  Lothian Towing Services  has an extremely experienced team that will guarantee an organized, affordable, and damage-free towing experience for your Caravan Towing or Motor Home Towing needs.

Semi-Truck Towing​ – A broken down semi-truck or big rig can be a difficult job. If the truck went off-road or flipped, it takes a highly experienced and trained operator to ensure the truck takes minimal amount of damage as it may require heavy duty winching from multiple trucks. Many times it can take multiple hours, multiple men, and a lot of patience to properly recover a semi-truck. In any case, our technicians and drivers will be

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles, Lothian Towing Services is able to arrive at your location quickly with the right equipment to meet whatever needs you may have.  We do more than just light duty towing and roadside assistance (both of which we do to perfection).  Our expert operators are well-versed with multiple types of complex jobs and we have been doing this since 2008.

We aim to serve you quickly with expert and cheap heavy duty towing and light duty towing services.

With our concern for your well-being, here are a few tips on safety during a vehicle breakdown:

​Get out of the heat, stay in your car.

If the scenario arises that you’re towing semi truck, you don’t want the coupled trouble of having your truck not working alongside having a stroke due to the sun. Find some shelter as soon as possible. We highly suggest you stay inside of your vehicle with the AC on (if you’re not completely out of commission).

Contact a capable company

If you find yourself in a situation like this, You need to contact the nearest towing company available. Of course, now that you’re here you can contact us by calling 0131 5103758. If you have any concerns on whether or not we can handle your vehicle, we’d love for you to speak with our dispatcher.

Have your vehicle recovered

If one of our heavy tow truck operators are available, let us take care of your truck or trailer. We have roadside services available more often than not, and all you have to do is let us know where we should deliver the car. Either that or we can have it towed to our location and you can collect your car from there. If you’re in an camper van instead of a semi, we offer camper van towing services as well. You should be able to have your vehicle or camper van up and ready in no time once it has been dealt with. It’s a simple procedure if you come to think of it.

You can try your best to avoid a situation in which you’re forced to hire a trailer towing service for your camper van. You can do this by regularly maintaining your camper van and making sure that no parts have any problems. Leaking brake or engine oil is a serious threat and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the indicator shows your engine heating up more than usual, this should be perceived as a problem. Get your vehicle checked up by a mechanic before it fails you completely. With all that said and done, don’t panic if your vehicle breaks down suddenly. The situation isn’t half as dire as it might seem like. Just keep calm and get on the phone with one of our some professional towing service operators.