What to Do When Your Tyre Goes Flat

There are different ways that a car’s tyre goes flat. The ride might become a bit bumpy and not feel right as the air seeps out and the wheel rim gets closer to the road. The tyre could go with a bang, skidding, and swerving. Even if the latter does not happen, getting a flat can be a scary experience. Fortunately, there are companies like Lothian Towing Services.

A Busy Street

Breakdowns in the Edinburgh area tend to take place on busy streets or motorways. For those that get a flat tyre while on a busy street, it is important to move the car to the side of the road as much as possible. Then, rather than getting out of the vehicle and trying to change the tyre, it is better to call someone to tow the vehicle to a safe place where the tyre can be changed and replaced with a new tyre. There is no point in risking a life to change a flat.

A Deserted Motorway

Admittedly, flat tyres on a deserted motorway rarely take place near big cities. There are just too many people for a road to be deserted for too long. However, the image is a powerful one, especially for people who have seen too many horror films, and it is not altogether false. After all, in big cities people tend to be less helpful than in more rural areas because they assume that everyone has a mobile phone or is not really in trouble. There may be cars driving by, but if they are unwilling to stop, the road may as well be deserted. Fortunately, Lothian Towing Services can help cars that require 24 hour breakdown recovery and can get them to a safe place to be repaired.